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As of yet, many of them have been invited to present their paintings in national and international exhibitions. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, I Wayan Muji believes that art is an embodiment of human thoughts and values. Therefore, we are not only tasked with selling artwork and representing artists’ financial interests. Rather, we should also be an intermediary between the artists and the public – conveying the artists’ personal messages and celebrating the diverse cultures they are trying to showcase.


was established in 1996 as a gallery for talented Balinese artists. I Wayan Muji, the founder, is not an artist himself. However, his passion for art, together with his vision to promote the artworks of local Balinese artists has driven him to provide a melting pot of art afficionados and talented artists.
MUJI ART FAMILY accommodates paintings from all walks of life, as well as representing talented artists from all over the country, particularly local Balinese artists. We place our trust in their work, curate, and install their work – supporting and nurturing them as integral part of Muji Art Family.
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